Yoga for newbies

Yoga lets us know to maintain sync between all the forces on our body. If our body is not well enough, yoga shows how to restore health by control over mind and body
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Keep it Regular:

Do your yoga regularly, even if you are doing only few asanas in a day. It is a must that the process is done daily. It is advisable for beginners to set achievable targets and work towards them. It is also mandatory to do yoga in a neat and ventilated area.

The Timings:

It is highly recommended to keep your yoga timings fixed, preferably two hours before sunrise. If it is a bit tough you may do it in evening provided that you had not eaten anything three hours before.

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Proper Diet is Key:

Simple stuff like chewing your food properly without hurry, avoiding tea or coffee, reducing sugar intake and avoiding junk foods and tobacco can have a major impact in the effect of your yoga practices.

Avoid constipation:yoga 13

Constipation is an issue which can hinder the full benefits of yoga from reaching you. Ensure that you have enough water and fiber intake.

It is all in the mindset:

Keeping your mind calm and focused is key to yoga. You cannot practice yoga if you let your mind run around. Breathing properly is a method to ensure staying focused.
Finally, make sure you take decent rest lying in shava asana for 5 to 10 minutes after your yoga practice.

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