Tips for Making babies Sleep

Are you new to parenting? Are you having a hard time knowing how to make your babies go to sleep? You are not alone. Studies show that modern age children suffer a lot from extended sleeping problems. But we are here to share a few tips to help you with it. Here is a list of easy-to-follow pointers.Baby 2

1. Keep the Baby active during the dayBaby 1

Engage the Baby in high energy activities all through the day time. Talk to him, Play with him. Sing songs with him to make him use his voice as well. This will not only rejuvenate his overall reflexes & thinking, but also make it easier fall him to fall in to deep sleep. In addition to that always let in bright light where he is. Keep the curtains open.
baby 5


2. Track your Baby’s nap time

Know the sleeping timings of your baby during the day time. Do not let him sleep for a long time. If he spends his day time sleeping, it will affect his proper and much needed sleep during night.

3. Give some time

It is very common for babies to feel uncomfortable as soon as they are laid down, they’ll start screaming and squirming. Be near them, re-assure them by touching them and let them know that you are there for him/her.

4.Fix a bed timeBaby 3

Establish a fixed sleep time for your baby. Now of course your baby won’t know when that is, so just do some relaxing activities with him before bed-time on daily basis, so the baby can pick up that it is time for sleep. These activities maybe anything from playing music to bathing or just talking.


5. Keep Silent Atmosphere

If your baby needs night time feeding, do not make a fuss about it. Handle the situation calmly, keep things as silent as possible. Keep the lightings very dim.When feeding is over lull your baby back to sleep, without disturbing the silent environment. Babies need to know the difference between night and day to know when to sleep.



6. Maintain Room Temperature

Make sure that your baby is in a room temperature which isn’t too hot or too cold. Always try to achieve lukewarm temperature.

7. Rocking

One of the easiest and simplest way to put your babies to sleep is to keep them in cradle and gently rock them to sleep.

8. The Right FoodBaby 7

Food can affect how the biology of the body works. Carbohydrates have a calming effect over the body, while protein brings an attentiveness to it. Feed the babies pre-bad snacks which include carbohydrates.

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