Three Toys

In a Class, Teacher came in with Three toys ( all appeared to be
undefined perfectly healthy, size and material ) and demonstrated them
to understudies. After all understudies saw them, she asked in the
matter of whether they can find any refinement in them.

After sharp observations, understudies watch that there were openings
in all the toys. In first toy there were openings in ears. In second
toy openings were in ear ad mouth. In third toy there was only a
solitary opening and it was in ear.

After this educator, asked for that understudies put needle in the ear
crevice of each toy.

In first toy the needle put in first ear opening left from the other

In any case toy addresses those people who gives the expression that
listen to you, each one of your things and show as they tend to you
anyway they just put on a show to do all things considered. The things
you said to them contingent upon them are no more.

In the second toy, when the needle was put in ear the needle left

Second toy addresses those people who listen to you yet these people
will use things and the words you let them know against you by training
it to others and drawing out the mystery issues for their own specific

In third toy when the needle was set in the ear opening and needle
didn’t turned out.

Third toy, the needle does not turn out from it. These sorts of people
will keep the trust you have in them. They are the ones who you can
depend on.

Persistently Stay in Company of People who are Loyal and Trustworthy.
People, who Listen to what you let them know, are not Always the ones
you can Count on when you require them the most.

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