The Reason Behind New Indian Rupee Symbol


The man who found the new indian rupee symbol

Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam born on ten October 1978 in kallakurichi is that the designer of the new Indian rupee sign. His style was chosen from among 5 short listed symbols

The logic behind the new indian rupee logo

combination of of Hindi and English

The image is intended victimisation the script letter ‘Ra’ and Roman graphic symbol ‘R’. The letters square measure derived from the word ‘Rupiah’ in ‘Hindi’ and ‘Rupees’ in ‘English’ each denote the currency of Asian nation

The induction of letters from these words passes on the relationship of the image with coin rupee.

The image direct imparts the message of money for both Indian and remote nationals. At the end of the day, an immediate relationship is set up between the image and the rupee

Shrio Rekha

The utilization of shrio rekha (the level line) in Devanagari script is special to India.

The image safeguards this special and fundamental component of our Indian script which is not found in whatever other script on the planet



The two flat lines with equivalent negative white space (nonexistent space) between them make a foundation impact of three strips (tricolor).

The strips unpretentiously speaks to the tricolor of our Indian National banner flying at the top


Correspondence sign

The level lines likewise mean the number juggling sign ‘equivalent to’. For a typical man, a snappy marker of his/her nation’s economy is correlation of cash quality.

The fairness sign likewise implies an adjusted economy, our economy ought to be secured and stable until the end of time

Agreeableness in arrangement

The image is planned in agreement with the other existing images of the world.

It frames a part of the family, at the se time holding its distinction.


simple form

The image is composed with an insignificant of three strokes.

It makes it simple to compose, develop, replicate and plan


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