Success story of MC Donald – ‘Serving fast around the world’

Ray Kroc opened the first MC Donald’s in US. At that time he offered limited menu of high-quality, moderately priced food served fast in spotless surroundings.

Their Quality services, cleanliness and value was get into every – state in the nation.

mcd1Yearly chains

1983 – 6000 returns in US.

1995 – above 18,000 restaurant in 89 countries.
1996 – 2400 New restaurant/-
2007- More than 31,000 and 119 Country.

When we deeply analysis MC Donald’s growth surprisingly their Tradition menu has derived them to success.

People with diverse dining habits have adopted burger and fries wholeheartedly.


MC on introduced the japans to French fries, where potatoes were used in japan only for extracting starch.


Hamburger was popular from the city of Hamburg of Germany. Now Mc Donald serves chicken, sausage and salads. Another different product is Pizza.

Serves grilled salmon sandwich.mcd6

Pasta in sauce with frank bits.

Hamburger with poached egg

Secrets of Mc Donalds Success

MC Donald’s, stays in close with its customer,
Who wants?

• Good taste
• Fast and friendly service
• Cloud Surrounding
• Quality

Aimed Mamcd2rketing

MC Donald’s aims adult market with newly advertising introduced Arch Deluxe on potato-flavor bun with lettuce, onions, ketchup, tomato slices, American cheese, grainy mustard and mayonnaise. It gives a massive canvas among adults.

2006– “Forever Young”

MC Donald introduces “Forever Young” brand big redesigning their entire restaurant which was designed as per 1970 styles.

They introduces yellow and red colors, but red will be mated to Terre cotta, the yellow turns golden for more sunny look.

They added three new features of excellence


“Linger Zone”

Offer archive sofas, wi-Fi connection.

“grab and go”

Feature with tall counters c bar stool for customer who eats alone, plasma TVS will offer them news and weather reports.

“Flexible Zone”

Flexible Zone will be targeted for families and will have booth featuring fabric cushion with colorful and flexible pattern of seating.
From salads to wraps to yogurt based dresser.

From 2008 & 2009 they attracted coffee drinkers by introducing premium coffee.

Thus continuous feedback of customers have leaded their success path.

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