Steps Towards Promotion at Work

Promotions are given based on the work history. The assessment for promotion is done based on the attitude and performance at work and you should be a patient team player to make a climb from your position.You are responsible for your own success and failures in your career; it’s not important that how much you earn for the job, only the position where you are? Will declare who you are in the organization, here are few tips that you can follow in your work place to reach your goal.

Follow Work Ethic ethic

No matter what role you play in the organization, deliver the exact work what they need from you, deliver it in time with perfection, and master yourself in current position. Have a positive and willing attitude towards your work; also follow simple organization rules like the dress code and timings to present yourself good.


Learn new Skill

To have a career growth you should have your skill sets updated. Show enthusiasm and initiative for a new role only after gaining the required knowledge for that role, it may be Qualification or a certification course or a short team course it depends on the role you aim to get.


Avoid Gossips and Office Politics

It’s an unspoken rule to be aware of the office politics and game players, stay away from gossips and don’t take a side if you are put in between two persons try to balance the situation and come out, don’t move on a single side. People tends you to remember the insult or unwanted moment you faced in office during arguments or discussion related to office work, don’t get personal act according to work your aspect. Communicate with your boss and stay informed, choose your office friends carefully and don’t discuss about a person or his work without his presence.

mentor Find a mentor

Choose a mentor with whom you can discuss the work related issues.Your mentor should be more experienced than you and should spot out your mistakes, offers you suggestions, guides your career. Mentor should make you understand how the organization works.

 Create Brand


An employee’s personal brand must be reflected in the work, it’s a key feature for the promotion performs in time. You must also have the ability to take quick and effective decision based on the role. Your work should be perfect, innovative, unique and voices your name.



Show initiative

If a task is need to be done apart from your regular work do it and exceed expectation, volunteer in organizing things like meetings, discussion, presentations, office party etc. and take up the responsibility towards your work.The key thing to be noted here is to recognize where initiative is required and not to do unwanted activities


Measure and get feedback

Create your own work development plan and work accordingly, be responsible to your plan, when you achieve the milestone have a discussion with your boss, get the feedback and find out the areas to be worked ,ensure that the work you do is moving you towards the promotion. Learn from mistakes and aware that you won’t do the mistake again.


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