Stay Healthy in Summer

Its not easier to have a normal life in hot and long summer day, so we have to change our food and living habit seasonally to have a healthy summer living. Here are few tips to keep you perfect on summer

Prevent from Dehydration:dehydration prevention 1

During summer a prolonged exposure to direct sun with out sufficient fluids in our body will lead to dehydration and heat related illness. children who play in summer must have plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
The following are symptoms of dehydration
Dry mouth
Little or no urination
Heat cramps(pain in abdominal muscles,arms and legs)

Summer-drink-with-blur-beach-on-backgroundHow to prevent from dehydration

Before going out make sure you are fully hydrated. The heat bring out the sweat from our body which means you are losing water, Don’t wait till you become thirsty drink plenty of water. Natural juice with less added sugar or even without sugar is an important nutrients to stay healthy during hot weather.
Limit the use of caffeine, it sucks the moisture in our body, drink plenty of water,fresh juices, tender coconut, butter milk and stay hydrate.

Protect you from summer:
Clothes we wear:

Don’t wear cloths with dark color, It absorbs more heat. Also don’t wear clothes tightly it will not allow to sweat. Wear loose and light clothes.


Sunglasses prevent from harmful ultraviolet rays(UV) that affects yours corneas and protect eyes. so use a sun glass that blocks 90 to 100 % of UV rays if you are directly exposed to sun.

Hat,sunscreen and lip balm:lip balm

Have habit of wearing hat when your are directly exposed to sun. It prevent UV rays hitting sensitive spots on our face.
Its good habit of protecting skin using sunscreen lotion when outdoor, burning summer will lead to skin tan,darkness and also lead to skin diseases.
Lip balm keeps your lip moisture and fresh through out the day the way the sunscreen protects rest of your skin.

Summer-JuiceFood for summer
Here are few important food to add with your regular diet during summer
To be active and hydrate in summer we need to drink plenty of water. you don’t just need to drink water you can also eat it.Watermelon is 92% water.
Its very important to have curd with our regular diet during the summer days. You may have curd in form of buttermilk,lassi,raita or even by adding fruits to curd.
coconut water:
It is an inexpensive summer diet which contains electrolytes and minerals. It also has cooling properties and boost us energy.
It is simple and inexpensive herb which helps in bringing down the body temperature. You can have it any form like chutney or mix it with curd.

Green Veggies:
Green vegetables are good to have throught the year, it is very good to have more during summer with out overcooking them because it will loss its water contain in it.
The fruit which has 90% water contain in it. It helps to stay cool and hydrate.

Lime Water:
It has very good cooling properties and health benefits. You can have it sweet or salt and beat the summer.
Apart from this your should add salads in your diet and also should have light, small and frequent meals. Stay indoor during the middle of the day.If you are a non vegetarian you should limit red meat and take fish instead.
Avoid extreme cold foods and drinks during summer .

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