Smart way to live your life

The idea of challenging yourself to live happy life is one of the pillars of your own personal development. By challenging yourself, you can grow as a person and you can learn to trust yourself more and more, which greatly increases your likelihood of having happiness and success in life.


  • Some ways of challenging by your own thoughts are better than competing others.
  • The best ones in my own views are the one should meet following 3 fundamental conditions.
  • They will take you out of your comfort zone without putting you in serious dangers
  • They provide you an intense pleasure, accelerated learning experience; and
  • They will help you to develop skills and attitudes that are highly valuable to you in life.

1. Meeting New People in your life

I just can’t say everything is enough good about meeting new people. I find it to be an amazing way to challenge you, and so that you can build a fun social life to boot.

When you deal with new people on a regular basis and you will interact with the individuals with a whole range of personalities, it really can stimulate your social skills to grow faster. You learn how to talk with all sorts of people and keep conversations flowing, Group of College Girls in a Circleyou get better at reading social cues, and you become more skilled at navigating  and handling complex social situations.

This is very important because your social skills are critical for developing good interpersonal relationships, and the quality of your relationships plays a major role in determining your overall level of life satisfaction.

So I encourage you to be active socially and attend social events regularly so make sure you habitually meet new people.

 2. Travelling

Personally, everyone loves to travel. And the more exotic the travel experience will bring more passion. Beyond personal preferences though, travelling is another great way to challenge you.

Travelling takes you out of the environment you’re familiar with most, and throws you into the unfamiliar condition. Thus you get exposed to new places, new cultures, new customs, and of course, new people. And in this sea of novelty, you adapt and you grow.

You learn to find your way in a city you’re in for first time, to communicate with local people or even if you don’t speak the local language, to handle the mishaps and unforeseen those events which are only ordinary when travelling, and to somehow manage to enjoy yourself while doing all of this.

 3. Physical Exercise to gear up your mind

Physical exercise to oneself is often talked about as a way to be healthy and stay in shape. This is one of good way to push you out of your comfort zone.women-only-gym

This is because when you exercise, you will be put in some degree of effort. Whether you’re running, or lifting some weights, or jumping with rope, some sort of physical and mental exertion is involved at that time.

And this exertion has many benefits in terms of your self-growth.

Through practicing regular exercise not only trains your body and you develop your strength, speed, endurance and your confidence especially but also your mind will get trained. You develop willpower, vigilance and self motivations

4. Aiming High to reach high

Bold career goals can really challenge you and help you to grow as a good person. But I’m not talking about theoretical goals though that you dream while achieve that but you can’t spend most of your time watching TV. So make well defined career goals that you work to achieve.

Whatever floats your boat? The main point is that by setting and pursing such goals, you will be forced to develop as a person to face difficulties. You’ll need to study, to develop your expertise in your field, to innovate and to take calculated risks. All of this implies unbelievable self-growth.

In order to have a huge impact through your work, you have to become the kind of person who can deliver a lot of values. It takes some time, patience and strategy to get there, it really challenges you, but it’s a worthwhile task.

These 4 strategies are like the 4 pieces of a puzzle cube. Put them all together and what you have is a lifestyle that entails constantly challenging yourself and growing in all the relevant directions: you grow socially so that you stimulate your mind and body, you develop your expertise and you get wiser each day.

I don’t know about you, but I find that to be a pretty cool way to live. There is no better way I would want to see my life progress.

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