Short Story for Hard Time In Life

One day a dull and exhausted by the ailments and weights of life laborer went to the sharp man. He sat before the wise man, who gave him an enthusiastic and soothing smile. The laborer breathed in out enthusiastically letting out an inundation of lamenting. He began complaining about his life, that he has a hard weight that he doesn’t see a splendid light by any methods, it takes after one issue falls on his head or the other – they have twisted him between the grindstones so much that he can’t take in some common air. Later, he began blaming the greater part of his relatives, who, as he might want to believe, were culpable for his hardships, whether the conditions didn’t turn out fitting for him, or something else.

The adroit man listened to him gently, and when the worker toward the day’s end humbly asked the canny man, why is it so out of line, what should he do and how to find peace, the shrewd man got up from his seat and respected the specialist to tail him.

They exited the lodge and went to a lakeside, which was not far away and where from time to time flying fishes were bouncing, running brisk over the surface, getting sustenance.

The sagacious man drove the worker to the lakeside and said to him

“Do you see the smoothness of the lake? The profundities are full with life. There are fishes that reliably stay in water, and if out of the blue the lake got dirtied, they couldn’t see help their own specific nose, they would hardly see where the wellspring of the tainting was, and they would keep swimming in circles. Moreover, there are in like manner edges that got wings and they can rise above the water of the lake, looking from the statures of their flight. So this is my proposal: as opposed to crying about your life, result in these current conditions lakeside sometimes, watch the flying fishes and endeavor to appreciate what I expected to state to you.”

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