Scientific Management – Frederick Taylor

Taylor_Fred_nov2006_smallFrederick Taylor invented high-speed –cutting tools. He was graduated in Engineering with an evening study scheme.

Taylor is acknowledged as a father of scientific management. Probably no other person has had a great impact on the early development of management. He experience as

  • An apprentice
  • A common laborer
  • A foreman
  • A master mechanic
  • A chief engineer

So Taylor came across ample opportunity to know first-hand the problem and attitudes of worker and to see the possibility for improving the quality management.

Principle of Scientific Management

  1. Replacing rules of them with science.
  2. Obtaining harmony rather than disorder in group action. Achieving cooperation of human being rather than chaotic individualism.
  3.  Working for Maximizing output rather than restricting output.
  4.  Developing all workers to the tallest extent possible for their own and their company’s highest prosperity.

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