Role of Honesty in an Organisation

Corporate professionals are similar to construction process of a structure where honesty is its foundation.Honesty refers to maintenance of truth,

Aspects of Honestyliar

  1. Truthfulness
  2. Trustworthiness

Each one depends on one another.Honest normally includes the act like not liking,not stealing,not involving in bribes and kickbacks.In other statement,it refers to paying respect to the other property.

Honesty in Beliefs

This refers to intellectual honesty.This means forming one’s beliefs without self-deception.

Business-MLMHonesty in Speech

It is an act delivering or not intentionally misleading others.


    1) Pretending
    2) Manipulating Somebody’s allertions
     3)Intentionally Lying
     4)Misleading and withholding some perfinent information

Honesty in Act

This is a process that individual should not steal or manipulate accounts or getting bribes and kickbacks.Corporate-handshake-2

Honesty in Discretion

An employee should not interfere in the decisions taken by the employer (or) the client. He shouldn’t interfere with confidential information’s.

Thus the honesty is a very basic virtue for those people who engage themselves in public relationships.

Honesty is a mandatory character especially to professionals. The requirement that “not to conceal truth” would man, the professionals cannot exercise confidentiality or protected proprietary data.

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