Right Mindset for a Job Interview

1. It’s your job to sell yourself you must market your skills

If you don’t do it, then you can be sure that no one else will. This is solely depends on your own balancing. Most of us understand this, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all comfortable with it. Be true, there is no need to bloat your accomplishments or make false claims, but there is every need to paint the best picture of yourself. For this you must first analyze your skills.

applause 2. Apply to fewer jobs

When you are in need of job, it’s easy to shotgun your resume in 100 different directions. And that is exactly why the stack of resumes is so high for that job you wanted. Everyone is sending out the same resume to every job they can find immediately. But don’t ever send bulk resumes to all concern. Focus on a few jobs that you actually want. Then tailor everything about your application to each specific job you are wishing to take up.

 3. You’re interviewing the interviewer too

Your main goal should be to gunshot a job that you actually care about and a company that you want to be a part of it.

If you focus on jobs like that, then the interview will be much better for you. You’ll be genuinely engaged. You’ll ask more questions to your interviewer because you’re interested and it’s not compulsory to ask.

interview-questions-employers-good-bad4. Some things are of minimal benefit

If you really wanted, you could write out a list of 1000 plus things to remember for a job interview. Of course, most of them wouldn’t really help you because some things just aren’t that much important. Your focus should be always on solving problems for the company, on proving in what way you’re the best candidate for the job, and on finding a culture and community that you naturally fit in. If you do those three things, then you’ll sure find that the little things (like remembering to iron your shirt) are… well… little little things.

 5. You may need to be persistent sometimes
Once you are hired, if you want to make an impression, you might need to start a project on the side and email a progress report to a recruiter every week for two months before they start to pay attention to you. You might need to ask one person to vouch for you if possible. Then you might need to ask five more. Don’t lose hope and keep moving forward every day. Keep walking and you’ll make it to the finish line.

job-interview-2 Key points to note:

This type of response is like hitting a grand slam. You are knocking in four runs with one answer:

  • You are giving them an answer specific to their organization and acknowledging their corporate culture.
  • You are describing specific skills you have to offer and how those skills will benefit them.
  • You mention the importance of a “good fit.” This is what all managers want when they fill a job. Someone who will fit in quickly, and with ease.
  • You sound confident and professional. By suggesting they will appreciate your skills, you imply you have something of value to offer them.
  • The best thing about this answer is that it’s about them, as much as you.

 Bottom Line

By taking this new approach to the job interview you will come across confident, professional and thoughtful. Who doesn’t want to hire an employee like that?

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