Processes Group Committees

Each and every one of us has come across group discussions,committee discussions and also many meetings. Have we ever followed basic steps for effective communication?


Four Stages of discussion

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing

Role of people

People play many important roles in committee discussion.

  • Some seeks information
  • Some gives information
  • Some try to encourage
  • Some try to contribute
  • Some will be followers

If disagreement occurs while other takes that situation as more aggressive.


In this steps members of the group are get to know about each other by introducing them into the group.

In this stage members of the group determines the objectives of meeting and conflict arises.

When the group agrees on norms and rules of behaviour that must be translated to live.

This is a main event among all the listed stages. Here the steps planned have to be implemented by assigning task to each and everyone.

Effective discussion

One must only listen to what is said also must observe the non-verbal behavior.Nothing the seating of members may give clues as social bonds among the group participants. Thus the seating arrangement may have an impacts on group interaction.

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