Perfect handshake formula

Have you ever wondered about the origin of handshakes & how its came to practice?
At early age handshake was a manner of greetings used to show friendship. If one male extended an open hand to

another was understood to mean an extension of friendship and the gesture would be returned.


Some basic Handshake steps

The basic handshake is very simple and most often used as a greeting between friends or new acquaintances whenever you meet. Here’s how it is done:

  • The right hand is extended; thumb up and palm must be flat.
  • Grasp the other person’s hand using a firm grip, must be palm on palm.
  • Hands are pumped two or three time in vertical motions.
  • The grip has to be released.

Types of hand shakes

“handhug” handshake
This type of handshake is a popular type of handshake often used by politicians in public.

hand hug

This shake involves the covering of the clenched hand shake with the left hand, communicates warmth, friendship, trust and honesty for their support.

The Crusher handshake
This painful handshake is a favorite shake of aggressive minded people.

coaching column crusher

This shake is said to display more confidence and power. Considered the favorite of those who are overly

The Queen’s Fingertips handshake
This handshake greeting is popularly observed in male-female handshake.



Usually the female presents her outstretched hand and the recipient grasps only a few digits of the right hand.

Keep back handshake
This handshake is usually extended when one of the parties is not too excited about the greeting other one.


He or she may feel intruded upon or inconvenienced and the handshake will communicate the discomfort zone

Top handed Dominator handshake
Instead of holding his hand in a vertical position, this hand shaker’s holds it horizontally, so that his/her hand is on top of yours. This means he feels superior to you.

top handed

Dominator will often use this kind of handshakes. Both hands need to be vertical, so that the handshake – and the relationship – is on an equal basis.

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