Passion and Purpose in Life

You’ve heard the proverb before: “Go behind your passion.”

Following your passion is huge thing. Passion is what actually gets you going. Passion is what fuels you.happy young man rest on wheat field

Passion is what starts the engine.

Everything isn’t a passion but

If you are looking to achieve extraordinary, satisfying and phenomenal victory, you must have two mechanisms: passion and purpose.

What is the variation?

Passion is nothing but it’s your compelling emotions behind your imaginings. Passion is drive by your feelings.

Why the Purpose is behind it all. Purpose is the deep cause for your existence.

Think of it this way: if you need to start a campfire with passion and purpose, you’d start with a base of wood (your purpose), and start the blaze with a match (your passion). You want both for that fire to start. If the blaze went out, you would just re-ignite it with another match (more passion), but if you can’t build up a good base of wood (purpose), your passion would rapidly burn itself out on it’s own. The two go hand-in-hand.

Following your passion while living out your purpose is the ultimate life goal. 

Here’s the complicated part. We may have a lot of passions, but we have only one purpose. So how do you decide which is which?

Begin with your passions and move more rapidly to your purpose.url

Step 1: Create a list of passion and just find out what you like. What juices you? What you really excite inside? Write down everything that comes to mind.

Step 2: Remove the unnecessary thing. What could you deduct from your Passion List and still feel like “you” in your life?

Step 3: Demonstrate your purpose. Glancing at your edited list, what is glaring back at you? What disapprove to be quiet? Your purpose is what is screaming at you from inside to be displayed. Notice it, grow it, and distribute it with the world.

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