Parenting Tips for Infants

1.Parenting is a beautiful partnership. It is not complete unless both of you do it together with lots of love, patience and understanding.

2.You are a blessed parent. Not all are fortunate like you. So enjoy the joy of parenthood.

3.Spend time with your child not only for physical needs (feeding, bathing, putting to sleep etc) but also emotional needs (talking , smiling, cuddling, kissing).

4.When you bring up your child he/she is builds a bond of trust, understanding and love with you.
5.Communicate to your child with unconditional love.
6. Look for any delay in developmental milestones and take help of a child psychologist or professional.

With regards.,

Dr.Shalini Somesh B.Sc., M.A.M.Ed.,PGDGC., Ph.D

Child Guidance Clinic,


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