Obesity Troubles and Ways to Overcome Them

Obesity is one of those issues in life, which is not only a problem by itself but also the cause of several other health problems like heart attack & stroke. So it is Necessary to maintain your health regarding this issue. Here are few ways to get started on a simple, yet efficient weight loss program, to tackle obesity.

Calculate how much you can afford to lose:

Identify your BMI (Body Mass Index) based on your height and weight. There are several online sites to provide with a BMI Calculator.

Obesity 2

Slowly switch to healthy eating habits:

The first step in facing obesity is to change your eating habits by following the weight loss tips from experts. Generally you’ll be requied to eat more lean meats,
fresh, leafy vegetables, and reduce the portions. You will need to reduce any excess intake of excess sugars, salts, and fats. Drink in lots of water.

Eat Regularly:

Eat-regularlyYou cannot avoid or skip meals at any cost. Eating less healthy food is not a proper way to reduce obesity. Compared to eating small quantity of healthy food, skipping meals will cause your body to store in more fat

Exercise, like you mean it :

Most people do not even try this , thinking they cannot do it due to their overweight. But in fact, all that avoidance of exercise is just going cause more damage. Start out simple, with small stretches and slowly improve as you get more comfortable.

Say No to Processed Foods : 

foodPreservatives, fat, salt & sugars. Packaged/Processed food has everything that can work against your Obesity regimen. So Stay off them.

Bake, Don’t Fry :

The option of baking allows you to have tasty vegetables recipes, without adding excess oil or butter.

Vinegar also helps :

Add two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water, and drink it. This vinegar-water mix can also be used to enhance taste of some of your recipes. Though this will
reduce water content in your body. Make sure to drink lots of regular water if you this method.

Try Oil Pulling :

6738413_origRemember that old TV ad, with people rinsing their mouth with oil. It is for real. It does have an effect on your weight level no matter how small it maybe.

Natural is always the best :

Fresh Fruits are a perfect source of energy and they contain low processed sugars and fats. Take a quick walk to the nearby market take all the good stuff like apples, spinach, lettuce & peaches. And all that walking is going to work out in your favour as well

Spices are your friends :

ten_best_healing_herbs_and_spicesSeveral spices such as Cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and black pepper will help you in the process of reducing weight. So don’t feel shy, make your foods tastier and stay fit as well.

Stress won’t do any good :

Studies have proven that excess of stress is a reason to take in excess of food. So try simple meditation & yoga, if not at least learn to breath calmly. Let nothing get to your nerves. So always stay fit.

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