Marketing Executives Business Questions

Marketing strategies are designed to guide managers in getting products or services to customers and in encouraging customers to buy. So they must be interrelated and mutually supportive.finding-marketing-advantage1

2 Secrets of Business functions

  • Innovations in creation of new goods
  • Innovations in Creation of New Marketing.

A Business can scarcely survive without at last on of these function & preferably both.

Marketing executives must raise questions:
1) Where are our customers & why do they buy?
2) How do our customers buy?
3) How is it best for as to sell?
4) Do we have something to offer that competition do not?
5) Do we wish to take legal steps to discourage competition?
6) Do we need, and can we supply, supporting services?
7) What are the best pricing strategy & policy for our option?
8) How can we best serve our customers?

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