Look at Things Differently

Father Daughter 2

One day a Father was reading a magazine, his little daughter was keep on distracting and playing. He was not able to read the magazine, he don’t want to scold her daughter and planned to keep her busy. He tore a page on which the world map was printed, he tore that into pieces and asked her to go to a room and put them together to make it a perfect map. 

The Father then came back to read the magazine happily thinking that her daughter might take more than an hour to make it perfect. But his little girl came to his Father within few minutes with the perfect map.

When he asked him how she has done it so quickly, the little girl replied “Oh…. Dad there is a man’s face on the other side of the paper you gave me, I arranged  to make the face perfect and got the right map”. She ran out to play leaving her father surprised.
Whenever we face a problem, challenges or a puzzling in our life, look at the other side you will be surprised to see an easy way to the problem.

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