My third article (A K Mohammed Azad): “LIFE IS A SEESAW GAME”. Hope you enjoyed my earlier articles “Anyone can be Achiever” and “Can I reach the top”

My Children just returned two days back after being to Chennai for their vacation. Today(19/5/2013) I took my Daughter to the Children’s Park @ Race Course Coimbatore. My Daughter wanted to play on the See-Saw and there was no one at the other end. I had to play the game with her. As I was playing with her, this point of “Life is a Seesaw sparked in my mind”. I’ve come across a similar one before.


It is an everyday affair. Being on Top someday and Being at your low someday. That is life. Like a seesaw as we lead our life, the success is the matter of everyone being happy. Someday one person has to give up to make the other one come up and another day it should be the opposite. Be it at home between Husband and Wife or Parents and Children or Brother and Sisters or at office between colleagues or Boss and Junior etc.,

Even while driving in the busy Indian Roads if we always want to be on the top we may not drive efficiently. It is an unspoken understanding between the drivers that avoid many accidents today. One gives up when someone has to rush. That is how we live everyday.

Life is a game like seesaw. Both the parties at either end has to be happy. That is the beauty and success of the game. If both of them want to be on top or if both of them want to be on the ground the game cannot be played. The game will loose its charm. But unfortunately everyone wants to be on top. By Being like that the Game looses its charm. That is where the difficulty starts.

We are ready to play seesaw with unknown people, but with people close to us, unfortunately our EGO does not allow us to play the game instead hold tight. Let us change attitude and be good.

Life is as same as that. “Life is a seesaw”.

It has to applied starting from home.

Example: If Ambani Brothers have looked at their life in this perspective their problems would not have come to the Media. One Example that came to my mind. I do not have any personal views about them. Known example to everyone. This applies to every home, including mine too. Not an exception even today it was applied.

I wish I made my point here to make you all think. Sharing my spark here. Thanks

A K Mohammed Azad

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