Life Doesn’t Ends after Failure

The key is to not lose confidence in Yourself!

Marks are not important!

Marks are not important. In today’s world, the competition is so angry that people need some quick way to “calculate” the ability of the candidate.

When there are a lot of people challenging for the same some mark, it is impossible to spend time and resources on evaluating each and every person.

So marks, unfortunately, becomes the benchmark. However, that is surely not the accurate reflection of your potential!

Follow your Passion or Make your Profession as Passion!

That said, marks will definitely not determine your success in life. Follow your passion: when you do something you like with highest dedication and love, no one can stop you from succeeding! If you don’t know what you are passionate about, don’t sit down till you find it. This phase is very frustrating.

Also, marks are considered only in fields which require academic skills. There are many other areas where marks have no meaning!

Google for “failures who succeeded” and you will find huge list. Read some of their stories, get inspired.

Watch this Video! Life after Failure, Any Time Your Life Can Change!

18-year-old BTech student ends life after poor result

“After performing badly in her exams, an 18-yer-old first-year BTech student at the Chandigarh Group of Colleges in Landran committed suicide by hanging herself with a ‘dupatta’ in her hostel room. The victim, Sonali Mansi, was a native of Bihar and was doing BTech in computer science.”

No Need! Change your Perception!

One of the most inspirational videos of time

“Always believe in yourself; Do your best and leave the rest!
All the best!”

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