Known factors that damages Your Success

Sometimes we thought this is a little thing but it reflects the major impact in our life. Here we will see like those little factors, which makes turning point in our life. It may surprise to you.If you met a struggle to got your

success, one of this factor might have been depressed_2_wthe reason

Doubting Yourself

It is a huge and unrecognizable one, we may have misunderstand ourselves or limiting beliefs about ourselves. Doubting yourself is make a fake wall around yourself and can’t travel peacefully on your success path until you knock it down. If a little voice hears around you means it won’t work out for you, and you are not good enough, what gives YOU the right to do such and such…. And so on. The main thing is how you respond to that voice and what will you do.

Negative self talking

Daily, we have up to 50,000 thoughts per day, around 40,000 of these are sadly negative ones. Your thoughts must require a negative_thinking_by_tracywilliams83-d5uz2s6filter, that means you have to recognize what thinking you are have a whole day. You need to be a listener of yourself and begin increasing the positive thoughts.

What things are you telling yourself on a daily basis? This works consciously and subconsciously, because what you say about yourself will sink into your subconscious and be evident in your daily life. we need to be more and have more. So don’t underestimate yourself.

Do one thing wear the elastic band around your wrist for one month and every time you begin to have self-sabotaging, negative thoughts, pull the elastic…then let it go.after that create a more empowering thoughts. It will help you not only for empowering positive thoughts on whole day. It may help you to get what you are thinking and doing about.
Speak good things about yourself to you friends or in front of mirror, it may be uncomfortable at first time but practice will give confident and begin getting results you want.

Fear of failure

If you are going to fail at some point, again and again even you’re do the correct things in proper are doing nothing is the problem. Fear is an IDEA you have decided and keep in your mind what you want to achieve in your life. In other hands – there is not real. This IDEA that you will fail at something is the very thing holding you back.

Criticizing yourself

career-failure-lastspartanIf I’m honest people who do this drain me. People always have something to say about others work to down their position. If this is you then you need to realize this does nothing to help you grasp your dream. Your life will always suck.


This is very little but powerful because it may kill anyone’s life dream. Most of the persons does it but why? Many reasons behind this. The main things are you must find what is yours? If you want to lead a successful life you must do the correct things in correct time. Time is very important.

Fear of success

You get started on your journey, you create something amazing, now comes the time to share it with the world. But you’re putting it off because of your fearness, like making excuses, finding fault, Fear of success is holding you back keeping you from progress and the success you really want. This is usually Portrait of a female executivesubconscious, so if you’re not where you want to be right now ask yourself and prepare yourself.

Don’t please to others

If you made it this far reading this post then good why because this is the main point. Trying to please other people will NOT work. There are always going to be haters. There will always be others who don’t get what you do, sadly it’s their job to try and make your life a misery and it is your job to do what you want achieve in life anyway, even if it means NOT pleasing the whole world. Besides its IMPOSSIBLE!

There are probably a lot more things damaging your chances of success right now you have to challenge them. Get started to reach you dream path.

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