Know How Safe is Your Mobile Truly

The need for safety check:

The electric innovation has slowly did not creep into our lives like the slow dusk after noon. It came more like the sudden darkness that jumps right after the dusk. it almost seemed like one fine night, almost everyone had a mobile in their hand. It took the management & authorities by storm, with its sudden presence everywhere.Casual baby watching attentive a mobile phone

Suddenly there was this strange gadget filling up the market and people were lapping it all over. These mobiles came with so many features and naturally the customers bought the ones that came with most features at an affordable price.

With the sudden boost of popularity, authorities and scientists had to check for the safety of the devices and make sure that they were safe to use. After all these devices had potential to cause health issues due to their radiation emitting properties.The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has even actually positioned the cellular phone in Group 2B, thus marking it as potentially cancer causing.

But still, with careful planned use, these devices can be used without any side-effects. In fact, the radio waves emitted from other devices like Television & computers.

Mobile TipsThe SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the measure of radiation absorbed in the body.The Basic level of SAR accepted by standards is 1.6 Watt/Kg. It is highly mandatory for cellphone companies to stick to this rule of SAR criterion.

Things everyone must know about using cell phones.

1. Ear lobes and few other parts of the physical body with which the phone is positioned  beside, are generally vulnerable to an electric heating impact. Even the corneas of the eyes could be affected by this.

2. A pregnant woman should keep her phones as far away from her as the radiations may affect the unborn baby.Mobile Tips 3

3. . Not all cellphones have the same level of radio emitting, they differ from company to company and product to product.

Mobile Tips 44. Studies have also revealed that a boost in the human tissue’s metabolism rate , which is closest to the antenna of the phone. For the same reason long conversations are not ideal in your phone. It is better to use earphones or bluetooth devices while doing so.

5. Carrying phones in your front pockets is not considered good, as it may affect the reproductive organs. Even when they’re turned off. It is not a great idea to keep the phone near you all time during sleep.

Some of the  SAR rated cell phones are below (Ranging between 0.6 to 0.3):Mobile tips 6

HTC One , Google Nexus 4, Samsung S III, Samsung Note II, Samsung Sanctuary,LG Quantum

The  SAR rated cell phones are (Ranging between 1.1 to 1.6) :

Motorola Bravo , Motorola Defy , Motorola Droid RAZR , HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia, iPhone 5 & 4S

SAR Rating is available in the guide book that comes with the phone and can easily looked up online. So next time you are buying a mobile , remember Safety first.

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