Kids and technology-Parenting Tips

Parenting is a process of supporting for a child’s physical and intellectual development. In earlier days story telling was a common parent practice to make the children motivate and inspire them to the right path.But now a day’s those practice are not seen among the parent children relation. Children spend time with all the latest technologies which will bring change in their life style. Here are few parenting tips to keep kids away from the technology.

imagesUse internet safety tools but don’t rely on it.

Use browser like KidZui, Yahoo Kids and PikLuk which are safe for kids, also use filters and monitoring software like web watch, which are helpful for the parents to keep track on the children activity in internet

No techonology is 100% perfect, even though you use this techonology keep a eye watch on the children activity. The other important thing is not to keep the computer in the kids room, because of which you may not be able to track on your child.

Educate children about online dangersDangers

Internet can bring home the whole world it is a valuable tool for children growth when used properly, Children can research on a topic,learn maths online,get all information in finger tip. But when playing games online or communicate online, they are highly in danger about the strangers.

We have to teach them to be more carefull and protect when playing online games, we must ensure to whom with they are playing and talking online.


Avoid giving Cell Phones

If your child is using mobile with internet, you should have a close watch on his internet access like the same why we do in for PC. Also take necessary tools to monitor and protect the child.

How to Limit Technology

Give your child, your full attention

            A recent survey tells that kids are noticing the parents are distracted with their phones rather than paying attention on them. If your children really want to share something throw away the phones and pay attention to them. Give your children the full care and love without the technology distraction.

Play with your child and encourage them for physical activities

Whatever game it may be, play with your child and do something fun with your child, if suppose you have no times, just after having dinner, make them sing a song, dance, this makes you and as well as the kids feels relax and happy for some time

Have dinner togetherfamily-dinner-cartoon

Research says that having dinner with parents, gives more benefits for kids and eating time will be the excellent chance to talk about the day i.e. on the childs mind. If dinner is not possible then breakfast or snack time together for few minutes when you get home.

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