It’s the journey that counts!!

It is a beautiful afternoon and I find sometime for myself. No better time to write my next post and introduce our children to this phenomena of developing skills to learn from the environment.

family-nature4Our surroundings (people/places/things) have the answers to all the questions we have its just the matter of how we see them. So as parents, I believe, it is highly imperative that we “LET OUR CHILDREN to LEARN” on their own and have them “ENJOY THE PROCESS OF LEARNING” from the world and help them understand that Learning is not just reading some book and that there is something to learn from every instance of life.

The most important question that I faced as a young parent was – “How do I make Learning, ENJOYABLE” ? The key to all this is how you can make your child enjoy what he/she does.

I believe the answer to this question has 2 parts to it.

1) Learning becomes enjoyable and fun when the child develops an interest in what he/she does. To explain how parents can inculcate this interest in children (in whatever they do), I would like to talk through a scenario.

Let say we want our children to be in sports (even otherwise) the first thing that we would have to do is start taking our children to the ground. Let them spend some time there Let them start to want to be at the ground Let them run around, Let them fall down, get dirty etc all these basically helps the child develop an interest to the ground.

“Don’t set them any rules they are going to be grown ups their entire life let them be children when they can” because rules tend to stop the creative thinking in the child. Also dont be too caring, let the child learn to take care of themselves.

83115104Introduce them to a sport any sport, never start to teach them the sport already let them start to kick the ball appreciate them as they kick the ball harder appreciate them as they run faster appreciate every aspect of the child’s involvement. This develops an interest in the child, they then automatically start to watch people around them play they also try to replicate what they see that’s where learning begins.

Most important, as parents, be there with your child get involved run with them, play with them, jump with them, shout with them, listen to them, try to learn from them, answer every question they have, talk to them about the sport about the positives of playing, appreciate everything they do so they learn to appreciate others and become a kid yourself. This would make parenthood enjoyable and this is how we build a better future for our children.

wang32) The second part to of the answer is nothing outside all the I have mentioned above, it is all about maintaining a peaceful, happy and fun environment for the child. Parents are basically the facade through which the child sees the world at a very young age.

What we do has big impacts on what the child ends up doing in life. So if we do everything with interest the child starts to do that too. If we play, workout, eat healthy, respect others, smile all the time and have fun, that’s what the child will start to do to. So lets start to build a better future for our kids by setting the right example and teaching them the right way. Watch out this space for more on “Teaching How to Teach”
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