Interview Personal Appearance

First impressions are the strongest you make and they based on your appearance. You may or may not see yourself is not important now, your only concern is how others look at you.

interview-tipsAt a scant couple of hours notice, you must be in constant state of readiness.

Keep your suits of clothing freshly cleaned, ironed and shoes has been polished.

Common tips for both men & women

1) Have your hair trimmed once a month.

2) Keep jewelry to a minimum. A wedding or signet ring is acceptable of course.

3) Shower (or) bath prior to an interview is preferable. Perfume is must decidedly not you are trying to be appointed, not dated.

4) You should never drink alcohol the day before an interview. It affects your eyes, skin and your wits.

5) Nails should be trimmed and manicured at all the times.

Tips for Women

  1.  Wear a suit on dress with a jacket. Don’t wear jeans (or) tight outfits.job_interview_tips_and_tricks
  2. If you carry a briefcase don’t carry a handbag as well . you meet a member sure you will have trouble juggling your luggage to shake hands.
  3.  Wear Low heals
  4.  Spike heels make you wobble and regarded by in-appreciate in workplace.
  5.  Avoid linen, It creases easily.

For men

    1. Avoid loud colors and anything that has been faddish.

  1. Should focus on tie length and color.
  2. Blue (or) grey for suits primarily and white for shirts is always safest.
  3.  Black shoes with plain shocks

The way you dress, the way you look to the potential employer at the interview,tells him or her how you feel about yourself.It portrays how seriously you take both the interview and interviewer.

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