Initiating Changes in Organization

Organization may be in the state of equilibrium, where forces pushing for changes, on the other hand forces resisting change by attempting to maintain the status quo of higher officials.

Field force theory

Kurt Lewin suggested two greatest principles for the organization in the shape of equilibrium.

  • Driving forces
  • Restraining forces

In initiating change, the tendency is to increase the driving forces. It is also increases resistance by strengthening the resistance forces.

 Main steps in changechange-1

  • Unfreezing
  • Moving or changing
  • Refreezing


Create motivation for change. If the people feel uncomfortable with the present situation they may seek change.

Moving or changing

Second one is strongly change, it may occur through assimilation of new information, exposure to new concepts or development of difficult perspectives.


Refreezing is stabilizes the change. Change has to be

  • Effective
  • Be congruent with person’s self concept
  • Should satisfies values

If the change is in-congruent with the attitudes and behavior of other people in organization, there will be a chance that particular person will be reverted to old organizational behavior.

Thus the reinforcement of new behavior is more essential in organization.

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