If You Want To Be Happy Make Others Happy

Two men admitted in a hospital as both are seriously ill as they are unable to move from their bed. They occupied the same room, one person near a window and other next to him, they became good friends sharing about their family, past life and military services.

The friend near the window on every afternoon will describe about the things he watches outside the window and the other willUntitled-1 be visualizing, what his friend says and enjoyed .A children park with pond ducks and swan playing in it, children playing, rainbow, big old trees and many more that happens daily.

One night the man near the window had cough and choking stopped. The next morning when the nurse arrived she found the man was dead and they very soon cleared the bed.

The other man was shifted to window bed, The man was shocked because he could not see anything outside the window other than a plain wall. He told the nurse about his friend how he made him happy by telling about the imaginary things that his friend told to keep him happy always.

The nurse told that the man was blind and could not even see the plain wall.

The man recalled the joy of seeing the outer world in him, when he look out the window and saw the blank wall.

Try to make others Happy without searching for reason

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