How To Prepare for On Campus Placements

These days almost every college offer on-campus placements as a reason to take up engineering. While the idea may seem assuring at first glance, there is more to it that just joining those colleges. Getting yourself a job requires something in addition, not just completing your degree. So here are a few tips to aid you in achieving your dream job through interviews, both ON and OFF-CAMPUS.

 Interview process may vary based on the organization conducting it, but in general an interview process would include more than one or all of these rounds.

  i. Aptitude Test

 ii. General Discussion (G.D)

iii. Technical Interview

 iv. HR Interview

 Now that you’re clear with the general classifications. We shall proceed further on how to tackle them.

 A. Aptitude Test:


1. Go back to the basics.

Aptitude tests are basically to be taken in written format or online. 9 out of 10 times they will be multiple choice questions that test your level of functionality in “technical prowess”, “English knowledge” & “logical thinking”. The easiest way to succeed the first two would be to look back to your “Higher Secondary School Days”.

 Most questions would require you to solve a problem which has MATHEMATICAL ANGLE to them. All you have to do is study your basic mathematics from standard 9 to 11 and you’re good to go.  The same could be said for “English knowledge questions”. Learn basic grammar, additionally knowing to identify synonyms & antonyms would help you as well.


2. Think harder & louder:

 The questions that require “logical thinking” are probably the easiest of to clear. It doesn’t require any kind of studying before-hand. These questions generally can be solved if you just try to understand the basic functioning behind them.

 B. General Discussions:


 General discussion is a round where your foremost requirement is to “Talk”. Now this won’t be an issue for all those social butterflies out there, but to the introverts or those who THINK they lack knowledge to discuss on something, here are a few tips.

1.  Know that not everyone knows everything:

The Most Common trouble students face during General Discussions is their fear that they do not know anything regarding a topic. The interviewers keep these discussions rounds to know your ability to converse with others. Not to know how well you know about USA ‘s latest Space Project.

 If you do not know the topic given. Wait for the conversation to start and take shape. Gather from what others have said. Form ideas supporting/disagreeing with other’s views and state it. It doesn’t matter if you get little things wrong.

 2. Perfect English is a myth:

Another issue people face during the discussions is that they feel they cannot speak proper English, which will represent them badly to the selectors. While a strong vocabulary would help you, the opposite doesn’t mean guaranteed failure.

 Remember you’re not applying for a Community speaker Job. So the management requires not just good English, but a lot more that you have to offer. So do not let language be a hurdle in your path. The management knows well that people can gain knowledge in areas they lack. So be confident in what you say, without fear of language.


 C. Technical Interview:

 This is the most obvious of all. Just brush the subjects you’ve learnt in your college, which are related to the job you’re applying. The best advice we can give you regarding this round is to, “NOT TO add anything in resume which you have no idea about. You do not want them to ask you questions you know for sure you can’t answer.”

 Also be clear about any projects or internships you underwent. So you can clearly explain your experience regarding the same.

D. HR Interview:


 Depending on the recruiting company, HR interview might be just a continuation of technical interview or a completely separate session. The best way to pass this test would be to “Present yourself well & confident.”

 Remember you have already cleared their needs for technical skills & potential for verbal prowess. All they need to see now is, “how well you can conduct in a corporate environment”. Depending on the interviewer, you might be tested in several ways. There is no fixed type of questions here.

 But here are a few generally asked categories of  questions.

 1. Scenario Handling – You will be narrated a sticky situation in the organization/college/similar places. You will be asked how would  you handle the issue at hand.

2. Quick Thinking – This is just a direct version of the logical thinking questions you attended in the Aptitude round.

Young man have job interview.

3. Stress Test – This is one of the toughest & easiest to clear at the same time. The interviewer would try to get you tensed up on purpose & see how well you handle them.

 Now the key to clearing this interview is “Professionalism”. Remember you are not a student answering a teacher’s question. You’re a young guy/lady who is applying for  a position of responsibility in an organization. Set aside your immediate reactions to the interviewer’s questions. THINK ABOUT THE WHOLE QUESTION. Think what answer would they be expecting. Make sure you stay calm (especially in stress tests)

 Also DO NOT REQUEST THEM TO GIVE THEM THE JOB, that just shows you’re not confident that you will get selected with your skills.

 So that is all there is to getting your dream job. It may seem a lot now, but focus one problem at a time. Do not over think and you’ll find yourself clearing all hurdles in a jiffy.

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