How to Prepare for Board exams

Board exam result changes the life career path; the futures are based and build upon the exam results. So the students should use their time productively to get flying result in the exams. So every student will have a fear about their exam. Follow these steps to have fearless approach towards board exams.

Plan smartlyPrint

Plan well for studying, schedule for a study plan and stick on with it. Make a schedule for days or even with hours. Give more preference on the important topics during the schedule. Select a study space that you feel most suitable and convenient. Hone your strengths but do not ignore your weaknesses, concentrate more to improve on them. Include more study sessions on tough topics.


07exam1Take Help from Sample Papers  

Solve past year sample question papers, you will find a majority of questions being repeated over the years and it will give a  fair idea of the format ,also gives confidence to answer the questions. Solve the sample questions and check the probability of answers you could do with the entire syllabus.  After studying and revising, take an honest assessment and evaluate yourself.


Make Brief Notesexam

Have the habit of taking notes during the session. It will help you to recall easily during the preparation time. Also have a habit of taking brief notes during preparation so that it will help you to have quick revision during the exam date.

Study in a group, once in a while

It is always good to study in a group once in a while, it helps to clear the doubts and your friends may have an easiest method to learn the concept or solve a problem. Have a discussion on the toughest topic which helps to remember easily than to memorize it. You can also evaluate you with your friends and get more preparation ideas. Discussing with friends keeps your refreshed.

07depression1Have a Healthy Diet

Good nutrition is important for optimal thinking, Try eating healthy foods like fish, fresh juice, vegetables. Eat a good breakfast and keep the mind alert. Overeating decreases the grasping power and feel lazy. Avoid intake of caffeine and snacks

Study early morningsExam 8

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It helps you to stay fit and fresh. Morning is the best time when mind is calm and minimal distraction outside which helps you concentrate better. Also plan to cover the toughest part to study in the morning.

 Tips during exam:

  • On the day of the exam, set your alarm at least two hours before the test.  Avoid late night study.
  • Get up early in the morning and take another review of the important topics
  • Take a sheet or a big chart, and collect all key formula, terms etc on it.
  • Scan this key chart more times in your run up to the exam
  •  Avoid stress from other people, avoid talking with negative people and be calm and relaxed.
  • Confidence is the main key to score well.

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