How to avoid facebook

Predicting the signs of a Facebook addiction

  • As soon as you woke up in early morning you first thing you do is “check Facebook”Facebook-Addiction
  • Similarly while getting into bed you access facebook
  • Nothing else thrills you more or you feel “empty” without Facebook accessing. All you want to do is spend time on Facebook even if you have family obligations
  • Checking it many times during the day is a sign of compulsive behavior. Spending more than an hour on Facebook a day
  • You will cut your sleep and extends your night with out sleep in facebook

Watch Movies and relax yourself with Music

If you want to get rid of boredom, you have more than enough choices than gazing at the Facebook.Cinema

Watch some good movies according to your taste that makes you more comfort. Shuffle to music with your iPod or Music player that can give you a lot pleasure and entertainment. If you are willing to spend your time into sports try some outdoor or indoor games, but no Farmvillie, Cityvillie or Mafia war.

Search for Knowledge

Instead of wasting your precious time in refreshing common news feed and wasting your time plus getting bored, spend time by browsing informative websites and blogs.

They will enhance your knowledge and open a gateway to many hidden facts and information that you learn. Facebook is obviously a great tool to gather lot of information, but you may not be accessible to a broad source of information that web and blogs can provide.

Set your mind free
Be sure to do lots of offline activities. Have plenty of things to do that you can enjoy. If you don’t have other hobbies, start looking for some. Make hobbies and volunteering can be a great way to get you out and about doing something useful/helpful to needy people.

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