Hide & Seek for Baby brain growth


* Fold a bit of card board that is at least two feet by three feet (found in most crafts stores) three times, accordion vogue. embellish with colorful ribbon.
* within the middle panel, cut out a circle the dimensions of a CD; embellish the cutout by gluing colored construction paper on its face (use pinking shears to create fun shapes, like a sunflower).
* Glue a bit of ribbon onto the back of the cutout, then attach to the back of the repository board. suspend the cutout over the front, going merely enough slack in ribbon to let the cutout dangle over the outlet.
* now stand the board on end and hide behind it, then encourage your baby to move her \”flower\” for a wonderful peekaboo delight. Fold the board and store it flat for additional exciting play in a while.


  • Stimulates brain cells
  • Boosts concentration levels
  • Activates more energy

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