Function of Manager

Manager has to design and maintain an environment for efficient accomplishments of selected goals and aims of organization.


The function of managers provides useful structure for organization’s knowledge and growth. He must be ready to implement the following points.


1. Planning

Planning involves selecting mission and objectives as well as the action to achieve them. It requires decision making. None of the real plan exists until a human committed to do decision making process.

2. Organizing

People who work together will have individual role towards fulfilling overall goal. It’s like a part of actors participating in drama either accidentally or haphazard which has been structured by some one.

Fishing camp – good example

It’s like a forest camp and the goal has to prepare food for all at that time someone commits

  • Collecting firewood
  • Fishing
  • Preparing
  • Serving
  • Cleaning

Here managers has to involve intentional role for the people to be exists in organization.Intentional in the sense of making sure that all the necessary steps must be taken to accomplish the group goals.


The purpose of organization structure is to help and create an environment that must increase the human performance to do best.

3. Staffing
Staffing is the process of keeping filled the position in the organization structure. It is done by

  • Identifying work requirement
  • Inventorying the available people
  • Recruiting
  • Selecting
  • Placing
  • Promoting
  • Appraising
  • Planning the careers
  • Training the candidates

4. Leading
Leading is influencing people so that they can contribute organizational goals. It is predominantly with interpersonal aspect of manager.

Leadership implies follower ship and people tend to follow the one who offer mean of satisfying their own,

  •  Needs
  • Wishes
  • Desires
  • Style and approaches
  • Communication

5. Controlling happy_office
It is correcting individual/organizational performance to ensure the events that has to happen to confirm plans.
In precise controlling is

  • Facilitating the accomplishments of plans
  • Measurements of achievements
  • Controlling budget
  • Inspecting records

Simply process of locating a person who are responsible for results that differ from planned action and taking steps to improve performance.

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