Finger Walking is the Way

Handwriting 6What does “Finger Walking even mean?

While reading the headline of the topic, hope you might have come up with what is meant by finger walk. As same as I couldn’t resist myself to think after reading the headline, I was very curious to read the topic. It was really very nice and it leads me, to think about why I should start writing something every day. So I thought of sharing my views to you all. Finger walk is nothing but “Handwriting”.


Losing our ancestral skills , in a sense


 However, living in the digital world, in future, writing would be a special art or specifically some people might know or we might have forgotten about our writing skill. You would be wondering about what I mentioned, but that’s the truth. Now all office work has become digital and at the same time education system has also been changed. By adopting the digital technology, they have changed their teaching techniques with latest technology. After college exam, we don’t get much opportunity to write often in our lifestyle. So there are many possibilities to cloak writing skill from human beings.


spellcheck 1

Digital world – Technology Domination

Now researchers are advising us to write something every day so that our brain flow will work well it seems. In the digital world current generation is just typing for most of their work other than form filling. Soon it may also change. While they are typing current application, system suggests a word choice, so that people may soon forget the correct spelling of the word. Later technology should improve and come up with automatic sentence to reply the message and mail or it would allow us to reply in voice (its already getting populates), this may lead us to forget about the word formation.

What could be done?Handwriting 10

If you wish to keep your brain active, try to write something or just copy the text in paper a page per day. Please vain yourself to indeed pass the writing skill to next generation. Now doctors are advising us to go for walking to live healthily soon they would say us to go for finger walking to keep your brain and finger healthy

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