Fearless Board Exams – Tips

The following are Key points to be noted to have a fearless approach towards Board Exam

Develop a good study habit:


Exams are not an overnight task, Make schedule from the beginning and have a better knowledge on every subject.

 Keep body and mind healthy:


To stay fit have nutritious food, do regular exercise that makes your mind and body healthy.

Use samples:

Use sample question papers, you might find repeated questions and get a pattern of exam paper.

Keep separate note book for every subject:

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Take notes of important points and formula  that you come across, when learning It will help you to grab the portions at the end quickly.

Revise Well:

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Don’t not take new books or new approach to solve problems when you are near exam. Take a look at the important notes you have taken during your studies. Make a revision plan to cover the entire syllabus.

Have positive approach:

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Always have a positive approach towards the exam, if you have a proper preparation, fear of exam is useless. If you have negative thoughts about failing in exam, it will pull down your confidence level. Take self test with sample past year question papers, which could build your confidence.

Relaxation practice:


Relaxation practice deep breathing, yoga or any other relaxation technique to improve concentration.

On exam day: 

  • Go to bed early to get a good sleep on your exam day.  download (1)
  • Don’t skip taking food when going to exam, eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Take all the necessary things to write and present exam
  • After getting the question paper read the question carefully before answering
  • Scan for easy question and start with confidence.
  • Don’t waste time if you are struck with a question, Move forward with others.
  • High light important points to score more marks.
  • Before completing the exam make sure you answer all the question.
  • Complete before the time and take a revise of answer you wrote.

images (8) for Exam preparation:                                            

  • Avoid mobile phones and wandering on internet.
  • Don’t spend time watching TV.
  • Don’t eat much during study hours, take healthy snacks.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine

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