Failing 12th exam isn’t a crime

We live in an age where every parents, wants their students to shine in academics but refuse to realize that every boy or girl, is different from others. Due to this, the amount of pressure you students face are tremendous for anyone your age.

It is highly important for the students to know that what they’ve taken up is a very demanding task. Despite whether they pass or fail the exams, they did do a great job while taking on the truck-load of work.

On the off chance that a student didn’t clear the board exam, the first thing that they feel is “THAT’S IT. MY LIFE IS OVER.” Let us tell you that “You’re hardly 18 years old my friend and trust us , your life is just beginning.”

Failing 12th means one thing and only one thing, you can’t go attend the counselling for college RIGHT AWAY. Other than that there are a lot of direction to move forward, depending on what you want to do.

Here is what you can do :

1. Re-appear for the improvement exams :

If you know you can do well the next time, just take the re-exam and make sure to get a decent percentage. Study hard while keeping in mind about your goals. Once you clear the re-exam you should be able to proceed ahead to college for further specializations.

2. Diplomas :

Diploma courses can be considered as an alternate route for college. Depending on whether you want to pursue Engineering after completing Diploma, you need to choose your course.

There are several courses including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering,etc. There are even courses for Marine Engineering.

The one thing you MUST do while taking up diploma courses is to ensure that the offerring academy is a ‘recognized’ academy with proper syllabus, infrastructure & faculty.

3. NIOS program :

Nationak Institute of Open Schooling has got some flexible schooling programs which would allow you to continue schooling and re-appear for the 12th board exams.

4. PSC exams :

Public Service Exams are conducted by the state government. These are for government jobs and some of them require only clearing upto 10th standard, You can check out the official sites of PSC for more details.

5. Jobs in Army & Navy :

If you’re aim was to join Army/Navy, you can land jobs with decent incomes with just 10th standard qualification. However we also recommend that you TRY the re-exams before applying for the army/navy posts. Since the higher the qualification , the better your chances of getting a higher salary job.

6. Other fields :

Apart form the above mentioned methods, you can also take up courses offering specialization in Management, Catering, Fashion Designing,etc and climb your way up from there. Only condition is that to make sure the institutions are ‘authorized’.

A piece of advice :

Like we said earlier, failing 12th exams doesn’t mean the end of your life. There are so much more to it. What you can do from thereon is limitless. Find yourself a passion, a target, start working towards it and give new meaning to your life. In the end, your parents just want you to be successfull, tell them you will succeed one way or the other. Show them that you can move up in the social ladder with your own efforts and failing 12th exams wasn’t so bad.

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