Eye Exercise To Improve Vision

We all know physical exercise and workouts helps in improving the functioning of organs in the body and make us fit. The same way we have several exercises to improve the functioning of the eye sight and also helps to overcome the eye related problems.

Along with daily workouts we also have to give time to our eye exercises. 35% of people suffer from Short sightedness or long sightedness, to overcome this disorder people use powerful glasses to correct the refractive error. However the glass can help for clear vision but not a solution for the eye problem.

The following simple exercises with proper food habit will help to correct the eye error (power problems).


This will help you in relaxing the eyes.

Step: 1 Sit in a comfortable position (Preferably Vajrasana)

Step: 2 Rub the palm of your hands until they become warm and cover your eye lid with it gently.

Step: 3 You could feel the warm transferred onto the eyes and muscles are relaxing.

Step: 4 Stay in position and keep the eyes closed

Step: 5 Repeat the process at least four times


Step: 1 Sit in a comfortable position

Step: 2 Blink around 10 times very quickly

Step: 3 Keep the eyes closed and relax for 20 sec

Step: 4 Repeat it for about 5 times.

Rotation of eye ballseyerotation

This exercise loosens your ocular muscles, improves blood flow and oxygen to the eye

Step: 1 Sit in a comfortable position

Step: 2 Close your eyes and rotate your eyeballs in clockwise and anti clockwise direction.

Step: 3 Relax for 20 sec and Repeat the exercises for 5 times.

Exercises-for-EyesChanging focus of eyes from side to side and up down

Step: 1 Sit in a comfortable position

Step: 2 Imagine the four direction poles in front of you, Now move the eye from North to South for about 20 times

Step: 3 Then move the eyes side to side in east west direction for about 20 times

Step:4 Close your eyes and relax


Step: 1 Sit in a comfortable position

Step: 2 Stretch your arm out to arm’s length and keep your thumb hitch-hiking position

Step: 3 Focus on the thumb and bring it close to your eyes. Stretch the arms again and keep focusing

Step: 4 Repeat the steps for about 6 times

vitamin-A-food-sourcesFood Habits: (Try to incorporate these foods into your regular food habit)

Vitamin A supplements with omega -3 fatty acids, lutein, and zinc and also include vitamin C and E.

  • Greens
  • Carrots and beans
  • Fish
  • Citrus fruits and fruit juice
  • Bananas
  • Walnuts

Along with the exercise and food habits you should have a regular eye check up.

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