Corporate Expectations

The Key Requirement Picture1

The key attribute of a successful company employee is being «results-oriented». A valuable employee is able to act according to the circumstances, pursue the results, neither postponing the solution of issues nor multiplying bureaucracy.

Expectations of Industries from Management Students, Building a Bridge between Industry & Management Institutes.

Corporate Standards

Professionalism — to possess unique and up-to-date knowledge and have the capability to apply this knowledge; one’s own competent vision and opinion; as well as the capability to achieve results.
Searching for right people

Fishing Talent

Picture4The pond is where active candidates are & they generally bite quickly on your fishing line where the competition is fierce.

The Ocean is where your passive candidates are, & they can be slow to bite on your line but your competition is much less.


to make proposals on new projects, optimize functions and business processes; show desire to participate in project and work groups; and contribute to performance improvement.

Areas of concern to industriesPicture3

Knowledge Traits

  • Full knowledge of the discipline & specializations
  • Analytical Mind
  • Quick decision making capabilities


to achieve results within the set time-frame; to be ready to bear responsibility for failure to fulfill duties; to effectively balance personal objectives/results and the objectives/results of the company.
Picture7Interpersonal Traits

To able to work in a team / group
Highly motivated, Committed and dedicated
Super Ordinate Goals
High I Q
Knowledge of environment
Problem solving capabilities
High personal mission and objectives

Resourcefulness and CapabilityPicture8

to find non-routine solutions — to be internal entrepreneurs of the Company, generating new solutions and projects outside the range of standard duties, job functions or business based on either a new combination of traditional approaches and processes or their non-standard application.


involvement in the activities of the company and its brand; avoidance of destructive negative criticism and readiness to participate in solution of company problems. All employees and managers are obliged to use company assets only for improvement and development
Leadership Qualities

  • Be honest & have ethics and values
  • Success Oriented
  • Be a think Tank
  • Punctual & Disciplining
  • Good at Communication with people at all levels & within teams
  • Patient, Tolerant & Able to work under stress
  • Always remain positive and not panic

 Peer focus

Readiness to participate in cross-functional teams and projects; giving positive and effective response to the requests of co-workers from other company divisions; readiness to share information. Efforts to establish barriers between divisions, competition for information and status, influence on functional divisions

Leadership QualitiesPicture10

  • Able to manage conflict
  • Ability to assess needs
  • Ability to create a vision
  • Ability to focus the resources
  • Ability to track and measure performance
  • Constantly on the move and moving among the whole team
  • Able to Understand the importance of change management


internal job rotation and to consistently promote the employees to more responsible positions in the company.

The promotion is based on performance assessment, experience and knowledge of the up-to-date technologies and business practice, as well as the employee’s personal qualities and interests.

The employee’s promotion within the company is planned and recorded in the individual career development plan.
The Top Reserve individual career plan system (200 middle and senior management level employees) is supervised by the People Council which consists of the First Level Team managers and presided by the Chief Executive Officer.

Career development plans of other employees are managed by the HR departments and line managers. Career plans of the management are based on an assessment determining the employee’s competency development level and goal reaching performance. Assessment results shall be communicated to the employees in a one-on-one meeting.

The company shall set clear and reasonable work objectives which shall be communicated to the employee by the manager. Metrics shall be developed for each objective to assess the achievements. The contributions toward achieving personal work goals, as well as the result of the employee’s work contributions in his/her own work/business unit in general, shall also be appraised.

Industry Expectation from AcademiaPicture12



The fixed base salary is a compensation for fulfillment of functional duties associated with the employee’s position and his/her area of responsibility. The agreements between employee and the company concerning the amount of fixed base salary is formalized in an employment contract. The employee’s base salary can be changed as a result of an employee appraisal, qualification requirements adjustment, employee assessment

Give us +ve Mindset ; we shall give them the Direction

Give us Soldiers ;we shall make them Entrepreneurs

Give us Human beings ; we shall nurture them



variable incentive is generated on the basis of the achievement of specific planned goals and associated metrics which add value to and increase efficiency of the company. The company shall use all available forms of incentives, as well as tools of both monetary and non-monetary

Social Benefits

The employees’ social benefits package is determined by the Labor Code and current collective bargaining agreements. The company provides additional voluntary medical insurance and parity pension plans.
The social benefits package is set for each corporate branch office and/or subsidiary with due account of region-specific features and is formalized in collective bargaining agreements.


  •   Professional skills
  • Picture15development courses.
  • Participation in seminars
  • and training programs,
  • including corporate ones
  • For example, participation in competency-improvement
  • training courses.
  • Opportunity to take part in distance learning programs

Expectations from you

  1. žDo things differently (Out of the Box),žExperimentation –  Risk taking Abilities
  2. žPositive Attitude
  3. žExcellent Communication/Presentation Skills
  4. žMobility & Flexibility – Change Management
  5. žPractical Approach
  6. žGood Interpersonal Skills
  7. žContinuous Learning Ability
  8. žAdaptability
  9. žShed Ego – Positive Mindset
  10. žWE  Approach
  11. žBe ready to do Dirty Jobs
  12. žHave Tolerance to Frustration
  13. žGo to People
  14. žKeep sound health
  15. žKeep Smiling
  16. žBe a Cash Car
Picture17Middle Managers

Professional skills development courses.
Participation in seminars and training programs, including corporate ones.
Distance learning programs
Bench Strength programs

Top Management

žBench Strength programs
ž external training opportunities
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