Cope your kid’s nature with care

Ways to gear your kids into right pathkid1
You need to know them closely. Watch them at every stage, they need you – you need to contribute. They are flexible, they can change gears according to plan and of course you need to know the road map

Their Need and Aspirations

  • Instilling confidence by Parents
  • Make them know that they are here to create greater wishes of their parents
  • Parents should always learn according to their needs.
  • Parents means not just father and mother and its beyond that
  • Every child has an idea of their well being
  • Knows that they need a clear map of their plans
  • Parents need to guide them in their ambitions to achieve their goals
  • Create an atmosphere where the children get into the ambience at the earliest and start dreaming.

Teach Basics & handle HurdlesBonding-with-baby
Teach them the basics in life as you had and have. Make them know the dos and donts. Clear all apprehensions from their mind. Impart Godliness always in them and Create awareness about the family and its values. The Sparing your time when they need that
Your compromises ultimately ends in children’s disbelief. Never promise anything which is not possible by you.
Make them understand your responsibilities also, cause they have to take the mantle latter like you.

Cultivate Disciplinesgood habits

  • Teach discipline as you have envisaged
  • They automatically fall in line
  • Educate the invaluable (relationships) in life
  • Educate their optioned curriculum
  • Engage them in a sports activity on a regular basis. Let them select their activity, but an activity is a must.

parenting-tips-3Catch Ambitions of your kid and make it live

Every child has an ambition today and they are all well informed of the electronic development. Imbibe them through their own medium how to take up and get going. Involve them in their area of interest and encourage them at all levels. Your effort to bring in the results should be articulate and must not be imposed. When you make them understand their roles properly the interest is created naturally. You be a guide and infuse the confidence in them in their game plan. Envisage a clear action plan involuntarily

Shortest path in handling kid

  • Create a brain storming sessions with your children at every week end
  • Come out of your thoughts and they can also bash out their ordeals and positive aspects
  • Find out a solution then and there and make them understand, we have an answer
  • This puts them in good stead to face the realities in life

The Missing links

  • We always do not come out with proper game plan for their actions
  • We always find an excuse this way or that way and putting the burden on our children and say we have no time
  • Honesty has to be imbibed first and then preached
  • Most of it what you say you have to be like real Roll Models

The Strengths
Parents and their everlasting faith in their children and their growth. You decide yourself first and imp lead them in all your activities. You have to make a kick start and rest of the game is, in their court, Select the right ball to hit for a six or else you may miss because you need to score six runs to win, the balls available are only one.
Summing up
Every children are God sent with innumerable ideas and thoughts. What we need to do is to fix them in the right place at the right time.We are desirous and why don’t we make them also more desirable.

Wishing you all well

If you have started these exercises – you are on the right path, if not better late than never.

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