Top 10 foods to avoid belly fat

Essential food diet is needed for healthy life, here listed out the top ten foods to avoid belly fat:  1.Apple Subjects in a Brazilian health improvement plans who ate three apples a day while slimming down lost more weight than the individuals who did not eat apples. 2.Black pepper Hot peppers warm up your body.

Running Gives You A Stronger Bones

Running additionally offers You Stronger Bones per New analysis If you are into sport and alternative exercises, then you would possibly prefer to build some changes in your fitness routine and begin running further more. per a replacement analysis running place bones to larger use. “Normal people at large have to be compelled to exercise

Stay Healthy in Summer

Its not easier to have a normal life in hot and long summer day, so we have to change our food and living habit seasonally to have a healthy summer living. Here are few tips to keep you perfect on summer Prevent from Dehydration: During summer a prolonged exposure to direct sun with out sufficient

Suryanamaskar for a Balanced Health

Suryanamaskar or sun salutation is the very important yoga asanas. It is a set of 12 postures should be done at the time of sunrise. Regular practice of surya namaskar improves blood circulation to the body and helps to lead a disease free life.  The following are few health benefits of doing  Suryanamaskar:  Improves the concentration power.

Eye Exercise To Improve Vision

We all know physical exercise and workouts helps in improving the functioning of organs in the body and make us fit. The same way we have several exercises to improve the functioning of the eye sight and also helps to overcome the eye related problems. Along with daily workouts we also have to give time

Yoga for newbies

Yoga lets us know to maintain sync between all the forces on our body. If our body is not well enough, yoga shows how to restore health by control over mind and body Keep it Regular: Do your yoga regularly, even if you are doing only few asanas in a day. It is a must
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