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Top 10 foods to avoid belly fat

Essential food diet is needed for healthy life, here listed out the top ten foods to avoid belly fat:  1.Apple Subjects in a Brazilian health improvement plans who ate three apples a day while slimming down lost more weight than the individuals who did not eat apples. 2.Black pepper Hot peppers warm up your body.

Chettinad fish curry

Chettinad is that the home of the Nattukottai Chettiars (Nagarathar), a prosperous banking and community. it’s additionally best-known for its native preparation, design, and spiritual temples The word “Chettinad” means that a social caste specialising within the preparation of food. Consequently, the Chettinads are thought-about master chefs, and Chettinad cooking is one in every of

Top Three Vitamin B-6 Foods

Chickpeas, additionally typically known as “garbanzo beans”, are one in all of the oldest consumed crops within the world and remains one amongst the foremost fashionable nowadays across nearly every continent. Chick peas are a district of bound ancient diets for over seven,500 years! Chickpeas are still enclosed within the diets of a number of

Stay Healthy in Summer

Its not easier to have a normal life in hot and long summer day, so we have to change our food and living habit seasonally to have a healthy summer living. Here are few tips to keep you perfect on summer Prevent from Dehydration: During summer a prolonged exposure to direct sun with out sufficient

Finger Walking is the Way

What does “Finger Walking“ even mean? While reading the headline of the topic, hope you might have come up with what is meant by finger walk. As same as I couldn’t resist myself to think after reading the headline, I was very curious to read the topic. It was really very nice and it leads

Know How Safe is Your Mobile Truly

The need for safety check: The electric innovation has slowly did not creep into our lives like the slow dusk after noon. It came more like the sudden darkness that jumps right after the dusk. it almost seemed like one fine night, almost everyone had a mobile in their hand. It took the management &
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