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To Join In The National Defense Academy (NDA)

Official Website of NDA:National Defense Academy The National Defense Academy (NDA) is the Joint Services institute of the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the three administrations, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force prepare together before they go ahead to pre-dispatching preparing in their particular administration foundations. The NDA is situated at Khadakwasla

Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” As a professional, you work always for your professional development. You refine your business skills frequently to increase your demand in your field of work. For this reason, one of the significant tools at your disposal is your communication skill. The best of business skills cannot

How To Prepare for On Campus Placements

These days almost every college offer on-campus placements as a reason to take up engineering. While the idea may seem assuring at first glance, there is more to it that just joining those colleges. Getting yourself a job requires something in addition, not just completing your degree. So here are a few tips to aid

Perfect handshake formula

Have you ever wondered about the origin of handshakes & how its came to practice? At early age handshake was a manner of greetings used to show friendship. If one male extended an open hand to another was understood to mean an extension of friendship and the gesture would be returned. Some basic Handshake steps

Right Mindset for a Job Interview

1. It’s your job to sell yourself you must market your skills If you don’t do it, then you can be sure that no one else will. This is solely depends on your own balancing. Most of us understand this, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all comfortable with it. Be true, there is no

Common interview questions

In an interview, the interviewer is trying to ascertain if you are fit for the job. You need to show that you are skilled for the job. Practice how you would answer these relatively basic questions regarding your skills. Draw up a list if you need noting your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you highlight
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