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Short Story for Hard Time In Life

One day a dull and exhausted by the ailments and weights of life laborer went to the sharp man. He sat before the wise man, who gave him an enthusiastic and soothing smile. The laborer breathed in out enthusiastically letting out an inundation of lamenting. He began complaining about his life, that he has a

Age, No Bar

Watch the Inspirational videoCOLONEL SNADERS LIFE HISTORY Whether you prefer KFC or not, the story of commissioned military officer Harland Sanders is actually wonderful. This story is sacred as a result of it’s Associate in Nursing example of however perseverance, dedication, and ambition at the side of diligence will produce success; notwithstanding your age. Colonel

Life Doesn’t Ends after Failure

The key is to not lose confidence in Yourself! Marks are not important! Marks are not important. In today’s world, the competition is so angry that people need some quick way to “calculate” the ability of the candidate. When there are a lot of people challenging for the same some mark, it is impossible to

The Elephant and its Rope

Long ago, a man was walking in the forest, who was astonished by seeing an elephant along with trainer. He just wondered, by the fact of these big creatures of the earth were being held by a small rope tied in their front legs. And there are no chains as well as no cages to

A Train Journey – Everyone has their own Story in Life

A 20 years old boy and his father got into a train and the boy took the window seat and he seems to be enjoying the travel and the nature, as if he is seeing it for the first time. Once the train started moving, the boy started shouting by seeing out the window that,

Battles in our mind

Motivational Story: Quite a long time ago, a daughter told her father that she feels so depressed and her life is so unhappy and she doesn’t know how to overcome it. She was really drained of struggling all the time. After listening to her words, her father, who is a chef, took her to the
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