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How to be relaxed always with cool attitude

The majority of the circumstances appear issues in our mind are more than outside. Clearly how to be relaxed always and calm dependable is a required question for all. How can it be that when other individuals request guidance about an issue, we generally appear to have sage words good to go, however when we

How to overcome drug addiction naturally, on your own

Drug Addiction Effects & Types. Drug addiction, otherwise called substance reliance, has been a piece of human culture for a large number of years, since the main “physiology-modifying” substance came into well-liked practices. Indeed, even liquor is a sort of drug, making liquor abuse a type of drug addiction. It applies to substances like heroin,

A Golden Opportunity for SC/ ST Students

We live in a country where, not everyone gets the chance to study. There have been times when even the most brilliant of students have had to avoid higher studies in colleges due to lack of finance.  Those SC/ST students who have the talent & interest to study, but not enough funding , can now

A small story with powerfull lesson

A boy and a girl were playing together in a park. The boy had a collection of beautiful marbles with him and the girl had some delicious sweets with her.When they are about to leave, the boy told the girl that he will give all his marbles in exchange for her sweets. The girl agreed for the deal.

9 Simple Techniques for Waking Up Early

The phrase “Early Bird catches the  worm” has been one of the few idioms that holds true no matter what. But there is more to being an ’early bird than just the worm. By all means most people who follow this seem to be happy and confident, When asked, Renee Bliss, researcher at University of

Passion and Purpose in Life

You’ve heard the proverb before: “Go behind your passion.” Following your passion is huge thing. Passion is what actually gets you going. Passion is what fuels you. Passion is what starts the engine. Everything isn’t a passion but If you are looking to achieve extraordinary, satisfying and phenomenal victory, you must have two mechanisms: passion
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