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Microsoft Wanted to Rename Internet Explorer Because of Negative Perception

Once upon a time mostly we use a internet explorer but nowadays firefox and google chrome has occupy that place. Nowadays based on the Net Applications, Internet Explorer has more than a 58% web browser market share. This is about triple the market share of the second-place browser, Google GOOGL -0.16% Chrome. But, Internet Explorer

FOCUS PDCA for your Business

FOCUS PDCA is a methodology that is used to identify improvement opportunities and creates a systematic approach to implementing changes for goodness. This problem solving model was first used by one of the early quality gurus by the name of Walter Shewhard. The unique model was then adapted by W. Edwards Deming as the Plan-Do-Check-Act

Scientific Management – Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor invented high-speed –cutting tools. He was graduated in Engineering with an evening study scheme. Taylor is acknowledged as a father of scientific management. Probably no other person has had a great impact on the early development of management. He experience as An apprentice A common laborer A foreman A master mechanic A chief
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