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The Great Leader Mandela

No one wants associate introduction for this great man. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the primary democratically non-appointive President of South Africa. He was the leader and also the face of the Anti- social policy movement and every one through his life, he unrelentingly fought against racism. For his actions, he served an extended jail sentence

Tips for Developing Leadership Skills

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” We frequently ignore understanding whether what we are doing every day is really the extent that we can get? The way that we are substance with the work we seek after consistently, is the greatest hindrance we make for ourselves. This is not the situation with

How to be a good leader?

How would you describe you are a strong leader? In a leadership study, main qualities such as assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence and conscientiousness were cited as the most important factor. “Research clearly shows that transformational leaders – Leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop followers – are better leaders,” “They are more valued

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Women

How often in our profession do we get to say “I love my own job & working place as well”? Well, I can honestly say that I love my job, because what I do is try and help other people love their jobs. That, for me, it’s truly thrilling. It’s also an exciting time to

Function of Manager

Manager has to design and maintain an environment for efficient accomplishments of selected goals and aims of organization. The function of managers provides useful structure for organization’s knowledge and growth. He must be ready to implement the following points. 1. Planning Planning involves selecting mission and objectives as well as the action to achieve them.

Time Management – World’s precious fact

We have been gifted only 24 hours per day by almighty god and time management is neither utilizing available time nor finding out more time. In this “cut-throat” competitive world the most valuable thing in our hand is   nothing but time. This is the main reason to consider time management is one of the  most success
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