Love Archive

A Little Girl Rose

A man went to a flower shop to ask for a couple blooms to be wired to a far away place. Demand of bloom was to be sent to his mother who lived three hundred miles away. As man got away shop and went to his auto, he saw a young woman sitting alone on

Three Toys

In a Class, Teacher came in with Three toys ( all appeared to be undefined perfectly healthy, size and material ) and demonstrated them to understudies. After all understudies saw them, she asked in the matter of whether they can find any refinement in them. After sharp observations, understudies watch that there were openings in

Short Stories about Mother Sacrifices

Mothers Love: There lived a couple who had only son for them, He grow up and got married and they all lived happily together. One day his father died and so he decided to leave his mother in a old age home and visited her daily. One day he received a call from old age
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