Dear Friends,
Trust you enjoyed reading my earlier article “Anyone can be Achiever” in the YOU CAN DO IT Series of Articles.
In this article, I am going to talk about “CAN I REACH THE TOP”.

I’ve seen many people who scored less in their 10th standard always show an average performance in their 12th as well, as they have set a standard for themselves. Let us say it to be 65%. They might put little extra effort to touch 70 in their 12th.


On the other side, I’ve also seen people who set themselves a Himalayan Target for their 12th after their dismal performance in their 10th to achieve what can be called us “REACH THE TOP”. They were the top performers in their class. They outperformed most of their friends who scored much higher in their 10th. It needs that extra effort. Nothing comes to you without effort. The point here is “IT IS POSSIBLE”. You must have come across this at many places. When many read it as IMPOSSIBLE. There are a few who read it as “I’M POSSIBLE”. That is the height of positive attitude.

Not everyone gets sparked at the same time. I have also seen a few cases where they did perform so well in their Engineering, not just with the marks, even though their 10th and 12th scores were too low. It is the matter of effort at the right time.
Should we talk about the Hare and the Tortoise story here? Let me not. I am sure everyone is aware of this story. Let me share my thoughts in a different way with a different example that everyone of you would love to and accept it too.

I remember a conversation that I had with a set of people before 5 years, about the penetration of mobile phones in India. It was at that time none talked about SAMSUNG in the most used phone list. I had something running in my mind 4 years back where I thought Samsung will be a leader some day in mobile phones too. Even before Samsung launched the smart phone I bought SAMSUNG Phone as I was smart to choose that. I use it even today. After 4 years, today we call SAMSUNG as the world leader. None would have even dreamt of a scenario that we are seeing today. Unfortunately NOKIA is nowhere. Very recently, when I inquired with a mobile Sales guy who works for a big retail chain, he said it is SAMSUNG or other brands and not NOKIA anymore.

This effort of SAMSUNG to be on top would not have been only over the last 4 years, they would have planned it long back.
If SAMSUNG ever thought that I cannot make it to the top, they would not have achieved it. But as they had their thought very firm, today they are on top.
If you ever thought that you can never be on top, it is time to Erase that and start working. So friends, Every Day is a new beginning. It could be today, the starting point of a great mission for you to be on top someday. It could be few months, few years. It is the matter of continuous efforts.

If I were to imagine of becoming the Prime Minister of this country after 10-15 years or making my Kid an Olympic (2024) Gold Medallist in swimming, people might laugh. I have to put efforts to become one. An interesting quote from a person I admire Mr Azim Premji which says “If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.

People have achieved success at different ages. I’ve seen many people achieving success after their 50s or even 60s. It is never too late. It is the matter of continuous efforts that will take you to the top. Being on top is not just being rich. It is much more than that….
I am sure that if you have a firm goal with a question disturbing you “CAN I REACH THE TOP”. My answer is YES. YOU CAN DO IT.

Wish you good luck.
Thanks and Regards,

A.K.Mohammed Azad
+91 99 44 9 333 05

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