Beating laziness & procrastination

Usually we want to avoid the stress of doing works at the last minute crunch or the penalties associated with our lateness. Here is some 5 tips to come out from procrastination of works


1. Stop Punishing Yourself and Your Work—Stop Procrastinating

Are you thinking of a few choice tasks in your professional or personal life that you keep putting off? Perhaps it’s the monthly report or keeping up with your budget and paying your bills. Whatever it is, you can stop procrastinating with a few simple steps.
2. Get to the Bottom of it

Ask yourself what is so repellent about the task you have to do. Is it boring and tedious? Is fear involved? Do you feel inadequate for the work?

Try to discern the cause of your aversion. It won’t suddenly make the job appealing, but knowing why you avoid it may help you to approach it more openly and realistically.

3. Change Your Perspectivehappy_office

Can you embrace it as a challenge to surmount rather than an enemy to run from? Look at for the positive benefits.
Will the job or task that you keep avoiding help you to develop character? Become more organized? Learn something?
4. Take a Gradual Approach

Rather than claiming you are going to sit at the computer until you have that report finished or every email answered, try breaking up the task into smaller chunks.

List each part that comprises the whole, and then attack the job, piece by piece. Don’t mandate marathon work sessions. Start small. Can you work on it for ten uninterrupted minutes?

5. Get a Buddy

If you are serious about your desire to stop procrastinating in some area of your life, find an accountability partner. Commit to a time or day by which you will have the work finished, or commit to making a certain amount of progress each day.
If you don’t meet your projected goal for the day, you have to email or text the reason.
Though it may seem that rest of the world is keeping up with all of their chores, boring work assignments, and dirty jobs, realize that even the most productive individual battles procrastination in some area of their lives.

Stop procrastinating by employing the tactics that work best for you and then give yourself the space and time to adopt new, more productive habits. Step by step you’ll be getting it done.

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