Battles in our mind

Motivational Story:

Quite a long time ago, a daughter told her father that she feels so depressed and her life is so unhappy and she doesn’t know how to overcome it. She was really drained of struggling all the time. After listening to her words, her father, who is a chef, took her to the kitchen and he took 3 pots and filled water in it. He placed all the 3 pots in a high flame.
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Once the all the 3 pots began to boil, he took potatoes and placed it in first pot, and in the second pot he places eggs and he added ground coffee beans in the third pot. After that, he boiled all the three pots nicely, her daughter was waiting and wondering what is he doing. After a half hour, he turned off the flame and took the potatoes out and placed it in a plate and then took the eggs and placed it in a bowl, from the third pot took the coffee and placed in a cup.

The man asked his daughter what you saw, daughter immediately replied Potatoes, eggs and coffee beans. He then asked her to touch the potatoes, she notices that it was so soft and he asked her to take an egg and crack. After removing the egg shells, she noticed the hard boiled egg.


At last he asked her to sip the coffee in the cup; she tasted it and gives a nice feel and taste. At last, she asked her father why you did this?

He then explained that, potatoes, eggs and coffee beans each faced the same adversity in the steaming water. Though each one responded in a different way. Before boiling the potato was strong and hard, but after steaming in water, it became so soft. Whereas the egg was breakable before and after boiling it became hard. The ground coffee beans were unique, after being added into the water, they changed the color and formed something fresh.
He then told her that, when difficult times knock your door it depends upon, how you respond, how you think yourself, who are you? make a decision, which you wan to be a potato a egg or an coffee bean

Moral of the story:

 whatever the thing happens to us or around us, that truly depends upon how u choose to react to it and what you make out of it. Generally  life is about adopting, leaning, and changing all the effort into an optimistic manner.

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